At the Meeting House we continually work to educate and advance the cause of beneficial social and emotional development among both parents and professionals.  In addition to special events like our symposiums, the following links to thought pieces are a sample of the breadth of insight that our team has written about, or compiled, to help achieve our thought leadership goals.

This article index of our Meeting House postings provides a reference for insight and ideas on social emotional and development.  Drawing on topics ranging from play and stress to community and culture, we believe that “The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One” and hope that our recommendations will illuminate discussion to create Fun, Friendship & Community.  (Click on the titles below to to read the articles)

Insights on Social Emotional Development

4/22)  Moral Reasoning and Character
4/20)  The Importance of Practicing What You Teach: Reflections from our team
3/12)  Social Drama among Teenagers
3/6)  Social Emotional Learning is Key to College Success
3/7)  The Case for Social Emotional Learning
2/5)  The Power of Perspective
1/06)  Think Seriously About Spending for Play

The Importance of Play and Our Program Curriculum

4/19)  Scrabble Starts Conversations
1/27)  The Importance of Free Play
1/24)  Junior’s at play
1/15)  The importance of play: Calder
1/14)  We love this video: Alexander Calder performs his "Circus"
12/4)  This Week at the Meeting House’s Kite Club