The Meeting House Afterschool & Weekend Programs are an effective SEL adjunct that helps children develop important verbal and non-verbal social skills including, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Flexibility, Self-Regulation, Resiliency, Friendship & Conflict Management, through an active participatory environment of fun, friendship and community.  We are a nonprofit organization in Manhattan providing professional guidance inside a recreational setting for those children who need additional support to develop their social and emotional selves in ways that will empower them throughout their lives.

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Our Approach

The Meeting House programs are designed to teach children how to build relationships with their peers; enhance resiliency, self-esteem and social skills all while providing experiences for artistic expression, sports and games.  Using direct skills to enrich their social "toolbox" children are taught in the actual moment when they miscue and are provided with other behavioral choices to make.  Using cognition and logic to override old patterns, children emerge socially stronger.

Afterschool Program:  Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (3:30 – 6:00) for 7–12 year olds

Afterschool Juniors’ Program:  Wednesdays (3:30 – 6:00) for 4—6 year olds

Weekends Teen Programs:  Saturdays and Sundays for 12–15 year olds


Our Expertise

We offer a psychologist-led team comprised of a social worker, teaching artists and educators who work closely together as trained professionals to provide a nurturing environment filled with fun and enrichment.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of individuals from medical and educational fields who we actively engage with us and are attuned to our vision.



Our Role in Helping Children

Answers to Questions about the type of Children who will Benefit from participation in our Program Our groups are designed to benefit children who have strong skills in most areas but need additional support around friendship development, social skills and communication development.  The Meeting House provides a fun-filled and safe environment where youngsters can actively participate in a series of recreational after-school classes.

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