Meeting House Afterschool Weekday Program

Each afternoon we offer Fun, Friendship & Community through vibrant enrichment activities, where our team of teaching artists, educators and psychologists direct children in exciting group classes. Whether it’s our signature Kite Club sessions or the student performance of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” the fundamental importance of helping kids develop social skills such as empathy, self-awareness, flexibility, self-regulation and resiliency is always grafted into the after school program experience.
Each day at The Meeting House we help kids to develop these essential skills while fostering relationships between peer groups. During the natural process of play, combined with socialization opportunities throughout their time with us, friendships naturally and organically can flourish.  Recreation and enrichment activities that we offer change regularly but include: Sports & Fitness, Music, Drama, Yoga, Visual Arts, Improvisation and Humor.

Meeting House offers a warm and supportive community for my son with wonderful enrichment classes like hip hop and improv that have expanded his horizons and helped him to build confidence.
— Mother of 11 year old boy from NYC special-ed school

Here, There & Everywhere Weekend Program

These popular off-site events occur on weekends at various New York City locations where kids from different weekday sessions get together to practice and generalize critical socialization skills. With fun trips to New Victory Theatre, Chelsea Piers, Math Museum, Brooklyn Beast, The Gaga Center and more, each event leaves the children exhilarated by the challenges of new social situations while travelling throughout Manhattan. In addition, specialty programs like Girls Club and Sports Intensives are offered throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays.

Meeting House Juniors

Meeting House Juniors is a program designed specifically for younger students ages 4, 5 and 6.  Using our platform of play in a smaller and more therapeutic setting, we offer recreation and enrichment — artfully blended to help build social skills in little ones.  Through hands-on, engaging activities such as Arts & Crafts, Science Experiments, Cooking and Cooperative Games the kids have fun while flexing their social muscles!

Our focus is on social and emotional development in areas such as:
* Conversation skills
• Taking Turns
• Being Flexible
• Problem Solving
• Winning and Losing
• Perspective Taking
• Collaboration
• Empathy