If Only I Could Have Camp Friends All Year Long…

As summer is at its halfway point, I began listening to many adults who were describing their friendships with “camp” friends. I began asking some questions about “camp” friendships, even researched it a little.  I also noticed that at some fun summer parties and weddings I attended, there seemed to be a group of “camp friends” present.  So here’s what I learned…

  • Some friends enter your life at just the right time.  Whether you are 5 or 11, if you are at the point where you want to develop deep relationships with other kids, “camp” friends may fit the bill.
  • “Camp” friendships have a basis in shared interests.  There is no academic competition with “camp” friends.  You can be goofy and just have fun.  Your “camp” friends know you are not perfect and love you just the same. 
  • There is confidentiality with “camp” friends.   What happens in “camp” stays at “camp”.  You share lots of secrets.
  • There is a special language between “camp” friends.  There are inside jokes and things you only find at “camp”.
  • You can change at “camp”, be your best and start new each time you see your “camp” friends.

I thought, “This sounds ideal...”

Then I went back and substituted the phrase “Meeting House” each time I read “camp” and guess what?  I felt so proud that we have created a community where children can have that summertime feeling all year long!  See you in September, Meeting House Campers!




Jacklyn Covell is the Clinical Director of The Meeting House