Test Your Emotional Intelligence!

Do you think you are emotionally intelligent?  Are you able to calm yourself down after a stressful meeting or encounter?


Emotional intelligence skills are important for determining how well we manage ourselves and how we handle relationships with others. Specifically, your Emotional Quotient is determined by how well you exercise self-awareness, self- regulation, display empathy, and demonstrate social skills. 

To get you started toward a better attitude, a greater sense of confidence, and a stronger ability to communicate with and read others, here are five of some of the best (and free) EQ quizzes out there. Just click on the link title.

1) Quiz Yourself: Do You Lead With Emotional Intelligence?
by Harvard Business Review

2) Test Your Emotional Intelligence
by Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

3) Global Emotional Intelligence Test
by Global Leadership Foundation

4) Test your Emotional Intelligence Free EQ Quiz
by Institute for Health and Human Potential

5) Emotional Intelligence Test
by Psychology Today