A Road Map to Cultivating Leadership in Children

February is the time of the year that we honor our greatest leaders as we celebrate both President’s Day and Black History Month.  Through education, parenting, and experiences that cultivate emotional intelligence skills we can help children develop in these areas. Here are some of our favorite articles on the subject of how to develop leadership skills in children.


8 Powerful Ways to Mold Your Children into Leaders (click)
Modeling leadership for your children can feel like an overwhelming responsibility, but nurturing your own emotional intelligence is a great place to start. These 8 steps are simple and easy to implement.

10 Simple Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Children (click)
“Every child has the potential to be a leader.” These tips are all about recognizing the potential for growth in your child, and how to nurture leadership skills early on.

12 Different Types of Leadership Styles (click)
Each person is different and all types of leaders are needed to create effective organizations and groups––there is no one-size-fits-all. This article covers 12 different leadership styles and the qualities associated with each one.

15 Tips for Instilling Leadership Skills into Children (click)
Entrepreneur covers fifteen practical ways to instill skills for future leaders, including setting a good example and practicing confident communication yourself.

Leadership Begins At Home (click)
Assigning age appropriate responsibilities teaches a sense of responsibility at an early age. Delegating chores with love and compassion, and praising results works as motivating forces.

Our Favorite Resource for Leadership Development
We may be biased but of course, our top recommendation to develop leadership skills in your children is The Meeting House! We work on the social-emotional skills and emotional intelligence crucial for leadership success every day in our curriculum and programming.