A Place to Grow at TMH Juniors

Another great week in the books at TMH Juniors! We were all very thankful for the warm and dry weather so we could go out to the backyard and release some of our energy. It really is amazing to see how the kids play with each other during this free time and how kids are drawn into activities that they haven't been comfortable with in the past because they want to be with their friends.

Last week, everyone decorated their own talking stick. The point of the talking stick is to work on letting people talk without being interrupted. Today, we used Winston's talking stick and everyone answered the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?". We loved hearing everyone’s answers. Here is a sampling of some of the things that everyone shared with us about what they want to be when they are all grown up:

  • I want to be a sewer and design clothes
  • I want to be a puppy dog
  • I want to be a dad
  • I want to be a police officer/fire fighter
  • I want to be a teacher
  • I want to be just like my mom...I want to be an artist and a great mom
  • I want to play professional soccer
  • I want to play for the New York Rangers
  • I want to be a Star Wars Champion 

One of the things we talked about a lot today was being respectful about what other people have to say. We may not always agree with what someone has to say, we may think it sounds funny, but we have to try our hardest to not laugh at those things because it might be important to our friends. I like to use the phrase "Don't yuck someone else's yum" during this time. One thing that we try and get the kids to understand that is that while we all may like some of the things, we may also like different things and that is okay. 

I am pretty sure that one of the highlights of each week for all of the kids is the craft activity and what they get to make to take home. This week we did Shrinky Dink initial key changes and they were a huge hit. One of the nice things about this time of the afternoon is that the kids are encouraged to share all the materials, ask their friends for help when needed and wait for materials when they are in use. This continues to be something that many of the kids struggle with but it is getting easier and easier each week.

Sarah and Riley, our teen volunteers, led a fun game of Duck, Duck, Goose to end the afternoon.  It was great to see the kids cheering each other on and not entirely focused on winning. While we know it is important for kids to win at times, we must also learn to be good sports and not get too upset when others win.  


We have a couple exciting things to share with everyone. Due to demand, we are considering offering TMH during the summer for July and part of August. It would still take place on Wednesday afternoons at Parkside but will run from about 3-4:30. If you are interested in your child attending, please let me know.  

As we enter the last few weeks of program, please keep your eyes open for an email from us about your child's progress and recommendations for next year. We are also more than happy to schedule a time to talk if that would be easier for you. 

Looking forward to what this week has in store!