A Roundup of Fun & Friendship

We have been having a really great time in TMH Juniors these last few weeks. We have been working on a lot of really important skills:  

  • being able to identify our feelings during different moments/experiences
  • the importance of using a kind and quiet voice when talking to our friends
  • matching our voices, facial expressions and attitude so our friends know how we are feeling

As we enter our last 9 weeks of the year, we are working on ways to challenge the kids socially and use all of the skills we have taught them to overcome these challenges. Today, we introduced a new part of Kite Club which was to be able to identify and share at least one wonderful thing that happened to them during the day. It didn't come so naturally to everyone but with a little bit of prompting, everyone was able to share at least one wonderful thing during their day. This is something you can do with your kids each and every day - ask them about something great that happened to them.  

Another exciting thing we introduced this week was a team gross motor activity. As of this week, we will have a new big body challenge to help with motor planning, problem solving, coordination and teamwork. This week, we all linked hands and had to figure out how to pass a hula hoop from each the beginning of the rope to the end. Be sure to check out the video on our social media to see how fun this was and how much teamwork took place to make this activity a success.

The kids had such fun decorating their gardening pots today. Some of the kids (Avery especially) was very excited to have her very own basil plant! With a bit of watering and some sunlight, you can have a plant to take care of and help your kids learn a bit of what it means to take care of something else. (The plants can either be planted in a regular garden if you have it or in a larger pot once they start to blossom.)

As previously mentioned, there are only 9 weeks of program left this year (we will be off on April 12th). If there is anything you want us to focus on during that time, please let us know. In the next week or so, you will get a note from us with our end of year goals and suggestions for next year.

One last reminder...we are so excited and hope you can join us, on May 9th, for an evening of entertainment to benefit The Meeting House featuring the songs and music from Hamilton. Performing the Hamilton songs will be four fresh and talented musical theater stars and it’s sure to be a fun-filled evening!