Juniors Making Connections!

Hello all!
We had another great day with the Meeting House Juniors group today, where we were continuing to learn about making connections. To continue elaborating and explaining connections, we made Monkey Bread!

We each rolled our own little balls, made the "sweet glue" and talked about how our little pieces would taste even better if they were all connected. So, we put all of our pieces together and after cooking it looked like this above.  All little parts connected to make something great!

After cooking we had our meeting. The schedule was a little different than usual to ensure we had enough time for our monkey bread to cook (we didn't want another doughnut fiasco!). Everyone dealt with the changes very well, and Gianni even asked if we could review the schedule before meeting so we could all be clear!  Good idea!

During meeting we played What's In the Egg where we made guesses by listening. This is our continued curriculum on inferencing and the children are getting the hang of it and using clues to make inferences.  We listened to see if the object was hard or soft, and everyone made guesses accordingly. We made guesses like Zootopia figure, Inside Out figure (which were great guesses because we often play with toys like this!) and chocolate!  This is a great game that can be played at home to further executive functioning skills...plus it's fun!

During meeting we read The Invisible Boy.  This is a great book about a boy that feels invisible until he makes a connection with a new boy in his class. It was a great example of our new have-to: "make connections."

For hang out and snack our choices were putty, plate rubbings, painting and Playmobil. We loved these options, and the Playmobil needed some structuring and support, but this is why we're here and why we keep these toys out...it offers a lot of teachable moments!

Everyone was very busy and initiated new activities independently or with light teacher support. It was a great hang out! We ended our day by tasting our monkey bread and packaging it up to send home!  Thanks everyone! We'll see everyone next week when we'll get to creating buildings to connect them in a city! Have a great week!

Becky, Meghan and Sondra