Sunny Teen Sunday in Brooklyn

In search of adventure and fun, City Smart Teens recently traveled by subway from Union Square to the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. The destination?  Brooklyn Boulders, the premier rock climbing gym in NYC.  As far as the eye could see, colorful walls and an air of excitement filled the spacious facility.  Our guides greeted us at the entrance and, after quickly donning climbing shoes and harnesses, it was time for the climbing to begin.

Soon the first of the City Smart teens took their turn and, without hesitation, they were up and headed towards the ceiling!  Fear was nowhere to be found as the teens took to the climbing walls while their peers waited below and shouted out cheers of encouragement.  Between high fives and smiles, the newly minted climbers discussed their different approaches to the climbing walls.

The group quickly found that in addition to being physically demanding, climbing also involves careful attention and planning in order to choose the best route to take.  The climbing experience also provided natural opportunities for practicing resilience, as most of the walls took multiple attempts in order for the teens to make it to the top! Most importantly, the group challenged themselves and encouraged each other, all while having fun and building friendships.

As the climbing adventure came to an end, the teens walked back out into the afternoon sunshine and swapped stories and highlights from the day.  Feeling tired and proud of their Brooklyn experience, the group returned by train to Union Square and the awaiting family members.  We look forward to having many more opportunities for fun and friendship out in the NYC community, so please stay tuned!