Play With Spatial Awareness

Dear Parents,

We were so happy to see everyone after last week’s Thanksgiving break. The kids were so excited to see each other and we took the time to share Thanksgiving stories.

Over the past few weeks we have been assessing the children and their progress in order to determine our direction for the upcoming winter sessions. We have decided to focus on improving body awareness and understanding personal space in relation to shared space. This seems to be something that many of the kids struggle with and we have observed how this has an impact on their social interactions and social success. This week, we started Kite Club with a variety of gross motor activities to help with body awareness. Kids were challenged to move around the room without bumping into their friends. While this may sound like it was easy, the kids had a really hard time maintaining their own space. We will continue to have fun working on this topic through introducing gross motor games and arts and crafts activities. 

Yesterday we had a great time making play dough as a group. The children get a kick out of the fact that we used a special ingredient: Jello! Everyone did well taking turns, being patient waiting their turn and helping each other out. They all enjoyed exploring with play dough and if you are looking for a great and easy recipe, you can check ours out here!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next Wednesday. Please keep in mind there are only 2 weeks left before our winter break.  

Have a great week!

Meghan and Sondra