Cooking Up More Fun at TMH Juniors

It was so great seeing everyone today and hearing all about their Halloween fun. The kids were talking with one another about their adventures during snack and hangout time and we loved seeing them interact with each other. We brought out a bunch of new games today during hangout and the kids couldn’t get enough of them! We choose games that are low stress but still allow kids to think, work together and regroup after a long school day.

We had a new friend join last week so we thought we would use it as an opportunity to get to know each other a little better. We found a really fun adaptation to the game UNO where for each card you picked, you had to ask a question based on the color and number combination of the card. One of the biggest things we like to point out to the group is that in order to build friendships, you have to ask questions and listen to your friends. Activities like these are a great way for the kids to find common interests in one another.

After last week’s cupcake decorating activity, we asked the kids what they wanted to do this week at TMH. They all agreed on another cooking activity so we chose english muffin pizzas. Conversations were flowing throughout the activity and it was a great new way for everyone to share materials with each other. Every week is getting easier and there is less prompting from the teachers to ask friends for materials.

As always, we ended by reading a book. This weeks book was In My Heart: A Book of Feelings which we will be using in the future for some more feelings/emotions activities.

We can't wait to serve up more fun next week and we hope you all have a great weekend!