Holiday Nourishment All Year Long

With Thanksgiving approaching, we’re entering the season of light and love. That celebratory time of year that’s filled with family, food, and traditions. It’s a time of reconnecting with the rituals and relationships that ground us. We had an inspiring opportunity to speak with educator, and macrobiotic chef, Elizabeth Gollan, about the importance of food and rituals as a means of connection and comfort for children, and how we can integrate the warmth and sweetness of the season into our everyday lives, all year long.

When it comes to children and family, Elizabeth feels that how we eat is as important as what we eat. Small changes in your family’s routines around dining together can lead to closer relationships, greater emotional wellbeing, and improved physical health. Below, we’ve shared some of Elizabeth’s suggestions for simple ways to bring mindfulness and heartfulness to family meals at any time of year.

So with that final recommendation from Elizabeth about the importance of gratitude, let’s launch into this season of thanks with more presence, warmth and focus as we put our relationships and connections as the beautiful centerpiece of our lives.

For more inspiration on this topic visit one of Elizabeth's favorite resources.