Another Great Week for TMH Juniors!


Week number two at TMH Juniors was another great one! The kids were all very excited to see each other and spent much of snack and hangout talking about their school day and fun things they had done on their days off from school.

We began our Emotions and Feelings unit this week. We will combine learning about the size of a problem into this unit as well. Over the next few weeks, we will work on the following things:

  • Being able to identify different feelings/emotions both in ourselves and in others
  • Begin to identify if our reactions match our emotions
  • Begin to identify the size of a problem
  • Introduce strategies for when we are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, etc..

We read the book The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Books of Feelings by Anna Lienas during Kite Club. Each page talks about an emotion and a color that goes along with that emotion. For each page, each child had a chance to share a time that they had felt that emotion. The kids shared some wonderful examples with the group!

We then went back to the table to a play a game of Emotions Bingo. The kids loved the Emojis!

Since it's the beginning of fall and pumpkin season, we decided to have each of the kids draw a face on their pumpkin. They all worked so hard and were really proud of their end product. We ended the afternoon with a goodbye meeting where everyone had a chance to share their pumpkin and talk about the emotion they drew.

We are already having such a great time with this years’ TMH Juniors group! We will see everyone again on Wednesday, October 20th!