Unwind & Be Kind

It was another great week at TMH Juniors! We happily welcomed a new member this week and we are so excited!

We continue to use snack and hangout as a time for our kids to unwind after a long day of school and catch up on things from the previous week. With each week that goes by more friendships are developing and conversations are becoming more meaningful.

We continued with the theme of recognizing and understanding emotions and feelings with our group. Since Halloween is just a couple of days away and presents lots of opportunities for our kids to feel things deeply, we gave the kids Halloween themed scenarios and had them categorize them into Happy, Sad and Angry. It was interesting to hear how some of the kids interpreted situations and placed them between the emotions.

Over the last few weeks as we have been getting to know the kids, Meghan and Sondra are beginning to develop goals. One of the biggest goals for the group is using kind words. This is not only with each other, but when talking about the different activities that we are doing during the afternoon. Yesterday, we talked about how different words can make people feel. Kind words are those that make people feel happy and unkind words are ones that can make people feel sad, angry or frustrated. This will be an ongoing theme over the next few weeks.

The highlight of the afternoon was decorating cupcakes! The group had such fun making the cupcakes their own and using all of the different icings and sprinkles. We were so proud of the way the kids shared all the materials with each other and gave each other compliments throughout the activity.

We hope everyone has a fun Halloween, and if you can, please email us a picture of your kids dressed up so we can share it with the group on Wednesday!