Our mission is straightforward — To help create Fun, Friendship & Community for kids!  Our caring and effective approach uses a unique platform of play to provide enrichment and recreation activities in concert with therapeutic support.   This important combination of ours helps children to blossom personally and build friendships in each of our programs — Afterschool, Weekends and Juniors.

Fun, Safe and Supportive

Our secret to engaging kids is to weave aspects of therapy into the fun of our recreational group activities to help the kids build relationships with their peers. The Meeting House programs are designed to enhance a child’s resiliency, self-esteem and social skills as well as expose them to opportunities for artistic expression, sports and games.  The setting we offer is a gentle and encouraging environment filled with fun and enriching experiences for kids.

Community and Friendship

The Meeting House is a vibrant community designed to facilitate the creation of relationships in new social circles among children and families with shared interests.  We work with the children to develop a variety of social and emotional skills in the context of a diverse community supported by professional expertise and encouragement.  Key to our philosophy is creating a special place for children to explore new friendships outside of the school setting. We strive to provide a smaller and gentler social environment where children can exercise the variety of skills they are developing as part a community they might not find elsewhere.

We are Partners

The Meeting House working model relies on collaborative communication among our team of professionals. This helps us to direct efforts toward an individual child’s goals for enhanced skill development. Course offerings are created through an inter-disciplinary approach, which focuses on socialization and communication goals.  The Clinical Director, teaching artists and educators, work closely together to provide the highest level of coordinated services to the children who participate. The activities we offer allow children to practice and utilize skills, which they are learning in real time. This active reinforcement, guided by an integrated professional team, offers beneficial impact on a child’s social and emotional development.

The Meeting House "Friendship Bench" below was created by the children from fifty-six different art tiles they individually crafted.

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